Explore the innovation of auto parts from the perspective of mass production

It is very practical for Chinese auto racing parts manufacturers, especially from the perspective of auto mass production, the “micro innovation” of casting technology and machining technology can set off an industrial revolution, and have a devastating effect on the entire auto industry, resulting in a new industrial pattern.

For example, China’s auto industry experienced a more unprecedented reversal in 2022, whether in terms of production capacity, export volume, market recognition, domestic and foreign user penetration, etc, The BBA brand (German), which has dominated the automobile list for many years, has formed a crushing ambition. At the same time, Japanese, French and American automobile brands have begun to realize that the crisis is coming. Behind all this is the “energy innovation”. Electric vehicles have abandoned the traditional track and found a new way, and the power technology of gas vehicles can no longer compete with it.

Correspondingly, under the premise of increasing the safety concerns of automobile users, the strength of automobile parts can be improved through the innovation of machining technology and casting technology, which can also achieve the pressure driving effect of similar products, and greatly enhance the competitiveness of Li Guo’s automobile products.

Based on the traditional casting process and machining technology of auto parts, a series of innovation directions are proposed, including the combination of technical innovation, surface modification technology innovation, stamping technology innovation, and so on. Grasping these innovation nodes and promoting product transformation are bound to lead China’s auto industry to a higher level.

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