Five development stages of foreign gas turbine

The important characteristics of five development stages of foreign gas turbine are summarized as follows:

Birth stage (1939-1950): heavy duty gas turbine was just born, and only BBC company developed heavy gas turbine. The main characteristics of this period are low gas temperature (no more than 800 ℃), low power (no more than 4MW), and thermal efficiency less than 20%.

Early stage (1950-1970): after the end of World War II, some countries began to research and develop heavy-duty gas turbine with original innovative technology route. At this time, GE company of the United States and siemnes company of Germany successively began to research and manufacture, and their main characteristics and performance indicators did not greatly improve.

The first stage of global market (1980-1990): the technology of E-class gas turbine mainly based on combined cycle power generation fuel has gradually developed and matured. The single unit power increased from 4MW in the early stage to 37-130mw, the gas temperature reached 1200 ℃ and the efficiency increased to about 32%. In the first stage of global market, the E-Class heavy-duty gas turbine was the mainstream product in the market, and the same period was in 1990 At the end of the year, the world gas turbine market began to take shape.

The second stage of global market (mid-1990s-2010): F-class gas turbine technology is gradually developed and mature. In the mid-1990s, the single machine power of 225-235mw and the gas temperature of 1320-1350 ℃ were launched, with an efficiency of about 34%; by the end of 2010, the single unit power increased to 285-300mw with efficiency of 36% – 37%. In the same period, class F replaced Grade E and became the mainstream product in the global market.

The third stage of global market (2010 to present): H / J class gas turbine technology appeared and began to develop, and gradually began to enter the market, high operating temperature and ultra-low pollution become the direction and focus of the next generation gas turbine technology development. At present, the thermal efficiency of the gas turbine can reach 1 550-40% at 5200-400 MW / h in the market. The market share of H / J gas turbine in North America in 2015 is nearly half, and a new era of global H / J gas turbine is coming. The world energy organization predicts that the proportion of global gas turbine power generation will increase to more than 25% by 2030.

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