Formula analysis of a casting coating

Bauxite 90%, quartz powder 10%, phenolic resin 2%, white emulsion 2%, calcium bentonite 3%, washing powder 0.1%, isopropanol 0.1%, appropriate amount of water 2. Silica sand powder to bauxite 2:3, (refractory 100%), GM-1 resin 2%, silica sol 3%, lithium bentonite 1%, cmc1.5%, flat as 0.3%, water reducer 0.5%, appropriate amount of water 3. Bauxite 60%, flake graphite 40%, silica sol 4%, binder 4 %, bentonite 1% iron oxide 3%, cmc3%, n assistant more than 0.5% formula from the book as for the proportion of the sum of more than 100%, I am also confused. Hope to discuss together. 3. Aggregate bentonite emulsion white glue CMC by water 100% 2.7% 3.5% 2.5% 2.5% appropriate reference: EPC process in large-diameter ductile iron pipe 4. Coating is one of the most important auxiliary materials for EPC. In order to reduce the cost of EPC coating, a water-based EPC coating was developed. In this paper, quartz powder is used as refractory aggregate, and there are three kinds of particle size distribution of quartz powder. All coatings are made into paste coating by grinding wheel type sand mixing mechanism, and the liquid coating is made by adding appropriate amount of water into the mixer, and then its performance is measured. The formulation of the coating is 100% quartz powder, 4% bentonite, 2.5% white latex, 3% resin, 0.5% CMC and other additives. The quartz powder requires relatively concentrated particle size distribution. The coating has low cost and excellent process performance, and is especially suitable for EPC production of cast steel and nodular iron castings

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