Future planning of ZHY casting in gray cast iron and nodular cast iron

From 2015 to 2019, the wind power market was constantly changing and experienced two rush loading peaks of wind power. The peak of wind power rush loading and the sharp market fluctuation formed after it, and the drastic change of market demand from peak to trough, not only sounded an alarm for wind power casting enterprises, but also forced casting enterprises to strengthen their core competitiveness and establish new competitive advantages.

With the continuous upgrading of wind power host products, it is expected that from 2020, the onshore wind power in China’s wind power market will start from 3MW wind power and above, and the offshore wind power will start from 4MW wind power and develop to large megawatt and high-power models. It will be an inevitable trend for new materials and technologies with high strength and toughness to be applied to the design of large profile and lightweight castings. Therefore, it brings great challenges to large wind power casting manufacturing enterprises. To adapt to this huge market change, opportunities and threats coexist.

With the rapid development of China’s wind power market, DZ cast iron company has experienced two peaks of wind power rush loading market, seized these two development opportunities, accumulated a new generation of casting technology and performance, and improved the stability of product quality. With the changing market demand for wind power castings, DZ cast iron company attaches great importance to the R & D of wind power casting manufacturing technology, has mastered various types of casting technology, and is capable of producing wind power castings with high technical levels of 1.5MW, 2MW, 3MW and 4MW. However, during this period, on the one hand, the company’s reconstruction plan lacks long-term planning for the business direction and is quite limited to the plant process layout and design. Its plant design production capacity is only 1.5MW and 2MW, with an annual output of 20000 tons of wind power castings, which is far behind the competitors in the same industry, that is, most of the new plants have an annual production capacity of more than 30000 tons, or even 80000 tons Super large scale of more than 100000 tons and 200000 tons. On the other hand, from the changes of market demand and product upgrading, the casting demand of wind power market will be mainly high-power model castings above 3MW.

For ZHY casting, wind power castings above 3MW lack competitiveness in terms of production capacity, output, efficiency and cost, as well as in the price competition in the mainstream market, but it can not completely give up this mainstream market. In terms of development strategy, facing the natural law of survival of the fittest, should we follow the mainstream market in transformation and upgrading, or find another way to survive? DZ cast iron company needs to deeply and systematically analyze its internal and external environment, as well as its own advantages and existing problems, and formulate the company’s development strategy. If ZHY casting fails to break through its own bottleneck and seize the opportunity, it will miss the market opportunity and be eliminated by the market. If ZHY casting seizes the opportunity, develops its strengths and circumvents its weaknesses, and finds a path suitable for its own development, it will also obtain opportunities for survival and development in the market.

In this context, it is of great practical significance to study the development strategy of ZHY casting. Firstly, it can not only systematically and comprehensively sort out ZHY casting and find its current situation and shortcomings, but also study its development strategy more scientifically by applying strategic management theories and tools, so as to provide reference basis for the development of ZHY casting. Secondly, through the research on the development strategy of ZHY casting, we strive to provide a case study on the development strategy of small and medium-sized state-owned enterprises.