Influence factors of die casting defects

Thinking of solving die casting defects

Because the causes of each defect come from many different influencing factors, so in the actual production, we should solve the problem, in the face of many reasons, is the first machine adjustment? Or repair the mold first? It is suggested to deal with the problems according to the degree of difficulty and complexity. The order is as follows:

(1) Cleaning the parting surface, cleaning the cavity, cleaning the top bar; changing the coating, improving the spraying process; increasing the mold locking force; increasing the amount of pouring metal; these are measures that can be implemented by simple operation.

(2) Adjust process parameters, injection force, injection speed, filling time, opening time, pouring temperature, mold temperature, etc.

(3) In order to improve the melting process, the high quality alloy ingot should be selected, the proportion of new material and return material should be changed.

(4) Modify mold, modify pouring system, add inner gate, add overflow slot, exhaust slot, etc.

Causes of flash in die casting

(1) Die casting machine problem: the locking force is not adjusted correctly.

(2) Process problems: the injection speed is too high, forming a high pressure shock peak.

(3) Mold problems: deformation, sundries on parting surface, uneven wear of inserts and sliders, and insufficient formwork strength.

(4) The sequence of measures to solve the flash is as follows: → clean the parting surface → increase the clamping force → adjust the process parameters → repair the worn part of the mold → increase the rigidity of the mold. From easy to difficult, for each step of improvement, first test its effect, and then the second step.

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