Invitation letter of 2020 Chongqing foundry annual meeting

Time: May 26-28, 2020; location: Sun City, Wudu Hotel, Chongqing (★★★)
Ⅰ、 Conference organizer

Casting branch of Chongqing Mechanical Engineering Association

The 30th Chongqing foundry annual meeting hosted by Chongqing Foundry Industry Association and Foundry Branch of Chongqing society of mechanical engineering will be held in Chongqing from May 26 to 28, 2020. The theme of the conference is “green environmental protection, intelligent manufacturing”.

Over the years, Chongqing foundry annual meeting has made progress and development with your care and support. Every year, more than 120 academic papers are included in the papers collection of Chongqing foundry annual meeting, with more than 300 participants. In recent years, more than 1340 papers of Chongqing foundry annual conference have been compiled into the full text database of important conference papers of China by China Academic Journal (CD Edition) e-journal. Chongqing foundry annual meeting has become a brand annual meeting in Chongqing.

At the same time of the conference, we will cooperate with Chongqing Lijia conference and Exhibition Co., Ltd. to host the 21st Lijia International Intelligent Equipment Exhibition and Lijia international casting and die casting industry exhibition at the same time of the annual conference. Organize Chongqing and other foundry enterprises and foundry related enterprises to join in the exhibition to show the popularity and influence of Chongqing foundry. We warmly invite your company to send people to attend.

Ⅱ、 Main contents of the meeting

1. Expert theme report, paper presentation, academic exchange, new development in the field of foundry at home and abroad;

2. Release enterprise information and promote the application of new technology, new material and new equipment in foundry industry;

3. Visit the 21st Lijia International Intelligent Equipment Exhibition and Lijia international casting and die casting industry exhibition jointly held by Chongqing Foundry Industry Association and Chongqing Lijia conference and Exhibition Co., Ltd. in Chongqing International Expo Center;

4. Visit the enterprise;

5. Please contact us before March 15, 2020 if you need to publish, display information (a table and two rooms will be charged 500 yuan, excluding conference fees) or advertise in the annual conference proceedings.

Address of annual meeting: Sun City, Wudu Hotel (★★★) No.1, Hongye Road, Longxi street, Yubei District, Chongqing (opposite to the activity center of senior cadres and Civil Affairs Bureau of Chongqing)

Standard room: 288 yuan / Room / day; big bed room: 288 yuan / Room / day;

Hotel transportation: 20 kilometers away from Jiangbei Airport, 30 minutes by taxi, 2 kilometers away from north railway station, 15 minutes by light rail line 3 to zhengjiayuanzi station, 300 meters from zhengjiayuanzi station, and 5 minutes by walk.

Check in time: check in all day on May 26, 2020; at 19:00 p.m. on the same day, the second Executive Council of the eighth session, the Second Council of the eighth session and the joint meeting of the Council of Chongqing Institute of mechanical engineering were held.

Conference fee: 1000 yuan / person; 200 yuan discount for association members; free conference fee and accommodation fee for Secretary General of local Casting Association; free conference fee for 1 person for conference media support unit; free conference fee for 5 participants in the group.

Ⅲ、 Notice on soliciting documents for the 2020 (30th) Chongqing foundry annual meeting

(1) . content

1. Working experience of energy saving, material saving, emission reduction and consumption reduction in foundry industry;

2. Achievements of green casting production (experience of clean production and recycling production, intensive production, etc.);

3. Production management and quality management of foundry enterprises, introduction of the latest modern management mode and its application in the enterprise;

4. Introduction of new technology, new technology, new equipment and new materials and their roles in production;

5. The prospect of international and domestic foundry industry and the investigation and research of foundry industry, scientific research institutions and colleges and universities;

6. New achievements in materials and forming science;

7. Other papers and information about the development of foundry technology.

(2) . important matters

1. Paper format: please refer to the requirements of professional magazines such as special casting and non-ferrous alloy, casting technology, etc., and provide the signature, abstract and key words of the author and unit of the article title, with reference attached to the paper, with the text controlled at about 5000 words;

2. paper publishing: once the papers have been accepted, they will be included in the paper collection of 2020 Chongqing foundry annual meeting, and the paper publishing certificate will be issued. They will be included in the Chinese Academic Journal (CD-ROM version), and the paper collection certificate will be issued to select excellent papers;

3. Please email, fax or telephone the title of the paper (preferably with a summary of about 100 words) before January 20, 2020, so that we can contact you;

4. Deadline: March 10, 2020.

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