Liner shell for cone crusher_ Multiphase wear resistant cast steel

There are three main forms of damage and failure of iron and steel materials: fracture, corrosion and wear. Among them, the industrial economic loss caused by the failure of various components caused by wear is very huge. It is reported that the economic losses directly caused by wear failure in large industrial countries such as the United States, Germany and Russia can reach 15 billion yuan, 6 billion US dollars and 200 million US dollars respectively every year, and the corresponding losses in China are also more than 10 billion US dollars. In all kinds of wear, abrasive wear failure accounts for more than 50%, and abrasive wear is particularly serious in metallurgy, mining, machinery, transportation and other industries, showing some applications of wear-resistant materials in various industries.

Cone crusher is a key equipment in the mining industry, which undertakes a huge ore processing task. Its working environment is two-body and three-body comprehensive abrasive wear with impact load and complex stress. Therefore, wear-resistant lining plate is installed to protect the body structure of cone crusher. The wear-resistant performance and service life of lining plate directly ensure the reliability and efficiency of cone crusher. At present, the traditional material widely used for crusher liner in China is zgmnl3 austenitic high manganese steel. Its advantage is that the impact toughness AK exceeds 120J / cm2, but the initial strength and hardness are insufficient. When subjected to high impact load, the surface hardness of high manganese steel can be increased from 175-220hb to 520-850hb through work hardening, but its impact energy is not enough, the surface impact hardening effect is not obvious, and the surface hardness cannot be significantly improved, resulting in poor wear resistance. In addition, the low yield strength of high manganese steel lining plate is also easy to cause plastic deformation during service.

Focusing on the performance requirements of the lining plate of the cone crusher, especially in the stage of fine breaking and medium breaking, along the direction of improving the strength and hardness and maintaining a certain impact bremsstrahlung, scientific researchers are committed to applying low and medium alloy wear-resistant steel to the lining plate. The smelting process of low and medium alloy wear-resistant steel is not difficult. The heat treatment process is mainly “quenching + tempering”, and the microstructure is mostly composed of martensite or bainite. From the comprehensive mechanical properties, the initial hardness (> 50HRC) and strength (RM > 1300mpa) are very high, and they can also show good wear resistance under medium and low impact load. Under the influence of foreign countries, domestic lining materials have also begun to transform from tempered martensite wear-resistant steel to bainite wear-resistant steel with Bainite and martensite multiphase structure with better comprehensive properties. Therefore, how to reasonably control the content of alloy elements, optimize the heat treatment process, improve the comprehensive mechanical properties and wear resistance of Bei Ma multiphase wear-resistant cast steel, and explore its wear behavior, puts forward a new subject for the development of Bei Ma multiphase wear-resistant cast steel for the lining plate of cone crusher with high performance and long life.

The research comes from the “research and development of new cone crusher liner” project and the “research and development of high efficiency and energy-saving cone crusher liner material and pygb1513 complete machine” project cooperated by Beijing University of science and technology and Angang Group Mining Co., Ltd. Under the background of large gap in manufacturing technology of wear-resistant materials at home and abroad, the service life of lining plates at home and abroad is obviously different. The low service life of lining plate greatly increases the production cost, reduces the production efficiency and causes economic losses. Based on this, combined with the actual working conditions of cone crusher, through the research on the reasonable composition design, process optimization and wear behavior of Bei Ma multiphase wear-resistant cast steel, a wear-resistant cast steel lining material with friendly process, high performance and long life is developed to reduce wear consumption, reduce production cost and improve production efficiency, It lays a foundation for the development, production and application of lining materials.

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