Main research contents of sand mold casting technology for tractor open axle housing

As the key part of tractor, the main research contents are as follows: firstly, analyze the process of axle housing structure, set reasonable process parameters, then determine the gating system, analyze the influence of different gating systems on the filling and solidification process of the axle housing, and then optimize the solidification process by adding cold iron to reduce the cycle of physical verification Cost, improve the production efficiency. The main research contents are as follows:

(1) Process analysis of the structure of the axle housing, including the rationality of the design process of the axle housing structure, the quality control of the main raw materials and auxiliary materials. The pouring position, pouring temperature and parting surface were determined.

(2) Through the study of gating system theory, the reasonable gate position and the value of average static head are studied. Then, different types of gating system are designed according to the proportion of each unit section by the pouring specific speed method.

(3) Through the use of ProCAST simulation software to simulate the axle housing, it was found that the optimal scheme was determined by comparing the flow field, temperature field and solidification defects in the gating system.

(4) Physical test verification of axle housing. Including cutting and air tightness test.

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