Market Situation and Development Trend of Chinese Steel Casting Foundry

<p style=”text-align: left;”>Significant development has taken place in Chinese <em><strong>steel casting foundry</strong></em> since the reform and opening policy. In 2013, China was much honored to rank No.1 around the globe with the yield of castings up to 17,500,000 tons and became a well-known big power in the field of castings. Foundry is the foundation of machine manufacturing industry, occupying a large proportion in China’s national economy. So it’s very significant to develop steel casting foundry in China, which is more likely to directly relate with survival and extinction of Chinese machinery manufacturing industry.</p>
<p style=”text-align: left;”><img class=”ngg-singlepic ngg-center alignright” alt=”steel casting foundry” src=”” width=”317″ height=”268″ />Currently, development of Chinese <em><strong>steel casting foundry</strong></em> mainly depends on cheap labor and rich resources in domestic. In the background of China’s rapid economic development, Chinese steel casting foundry also had to face plenty of troubles on the way of further development. Therefore, the transformations these steel casting foundry had to face are imminent. By simply taking cheap labor and pollution of the environment in exchange for economic benefits, they would be shut down by the government sooner or later.</p>
<p style=”text-align: left;”>Regarding the current small-size steel casting foundry in China, it’s very necessary to build up simplified team works, aiming to run flexibly. In addition, frequent co-operations with big companies for sharing complementary advantages each other, for further forming unique competitive edges. No matter they’re small-size steel casting foundry or large–size ones, it has much necessity to have their own technology research and development centers. Only by enlarging the investment in technological innovation and adopting high technologies to improve business productivity, Chinese steel casting foundry can adapt to the new trend for preventing from being eliminated in the fierce competition.</p>

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