Material selection of ductile iron spent fuel container

Germany took the lead in the development of ductile iron nuclear spent fuel container, and the application field of ductile iron has been greatly expanded. According to their own actual situation, various countries have formulated relevant standards for ductile iron, such as din1693 ductile iron standard (Germany), jisg5502-2007 ductile iron standard (Japan) and en1563-2012 ductile iron standard (EU), etc. combined with foreign ductile iron standards and domestic ductile iron production, China has formulated GB 1348-2013 ductile iron standard Iron standard (the above standards are the latest).

The low temperature high toughness Ferritic Ductile Iron (dni1693) with grade ggg40.3 is developed and produced by Xinbei company of Germany. Fcd400-18 (jisg5502-2007 ductile iron standard) and qt400-18 (GB 1348-2013 ductile iron standard) are used for the 100 ton ductile iron nuclear spent fuel container developed by Nippon Steel and Nippon Steel Material grade). Based on the successful experience of foreign research and development, combined with the development and production situation at home and abroad, qt400-18 is selected as the material of ductile iron nuclear spent fuel container. The performance requirements of the above brands of materials.

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