Material Selection, Process and Properties of Cast Grinding Ball

Cast grinding ball is a kind of wear-resistant product with a large amount of applications in nonferrous metal and metallurgical mines, cement building materials, power generation and other industries. At present, the main cast balls used in the mills in China are: high and low chromium cast iron grinding balls, nodular cast iron grinding balls and other alloy casting balls.

Due to historical reasons, at present, the ball mill balls used in metallurgical mining, cement and thermal power industries in China, especially in the cement and power industries, are mainly wear-resistant cast iron balls, accounting for more than 90% of the total demand. With the development of ball mill and ball diameter towards large-scale, the demand for ball is diversified. The comparison of various grinding balls currently used in China is shown in the table.

Grinding ball materialHigh chrome white mouthLow chrome white mouthCADI ductile ironSi-Mn ductile iron
Main components (mass fraction)Cr:10%~13%Cr:1%~3%Cr:1.0%~2.0%
Current heat treatment processQuenching and tempering of quenching oilHigh and low temperature temperingSalt bath isothermal treatmentWater based medium quenching and tempering
Surface hardnessHRC ≥56HRC ≥45HRC ≥56HRC ≥50
Impact toughness≥3 J/cm^2≥2 J/cm^2≥10 J/cm^2≥10 J/cm^2
Cost comparisonHighLowHighLower
Input of environmental protection equipmentHighCommonlyHighLow
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