Mechanism and prevention of surface carburization of EPC steel castings

1. EPC is suitable for the production of steel castings. Some measures can be taken to produce low carbon steel castings;

2. EPS pattern material can be used to produce steel castings of ZG45 or above. The most effective way to solve the problem is to use stmmp co pattern material, and to control the pattern density at 0.016 ~ 0.022g/cm2, and to adopt the sprue of hollow non pattern material, and to set the exhaust channel at the proper part of the pattern can effectively inhibit the carbon increase of the casting;

3. The choice of coating is an effective measure to reduce the carburization of steel castings. The addition of appropriate additives in the coating can effectively control the carburization of castings;

4. In the process measure, the design of the pouring riser is very important. The pouring riser system should be set reasonably according to the casting structure. Proper increase of casting temperature is beneficial to reduce the carburization of cast steel, and proper control of negative pressure is also an effective measure to reduce the carburization of cast steel. t

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