Melting process control of ductile iron

Temperature test of molten iron

Ya1-w330 portable melting thermometer is used to measure the molten iron temperature in the process of electric furnace melting, and strictly control the temperature of molten iron out of furnace, spheroidizing temperature and pouring temperature. During the test, zero the thermometer first, and then insert the thermocouple end of the thermometer into the molten iron for about 3 seconds until the real-time temperature is displayed on the display screen of the thermometer, record the value and quickly remove the end thermocouple.

Furnace thermal analysis

Kr-2000 type furnace front thermal analyzer is used to detect and analyze the composition of molten iron. If there is any deviation from the designed composition, the furnace charge shall be added in time so as to accurately control the composition of molten iron. At the same time, it is necessary to carry out thermal analysis on the spheroidized molten iron.

Chemical composition detection

Df-400 photoelectric direct reading spectrometer was used to detect the chemical composition of white mouth sample prepared by Cu mold. Before testing, the surface of the white spot sample should be polished until it is flat and free of cavities. The white cast iron samples were spot tested for 5 times or more with spectrometer, and the average value of each element content measured was taken as the final chemical composition of nodular iron.

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