No. 1 commercial vehicle foundry of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd

Company profile:

Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. commercial vehicle foundry No. 1 was founded in 1969, covering an area of 324000 square meters and an industrial construction area of 120000 square meters. It is a modern large foundry focusing on the production of engine castings. The factory has more than 2000 employees. It has an annual production capacity of 80000 tons of castings. It provides Dongfeng Group, Cummins, Shanghai Volkswagen, Southeast automobile, Guangzhou Honda and other companies with cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft, gearbox, gearbox housing, clutch housing and other products, most of which are truck castings. The factory has passed ISO14001 environmental management and vda6 1. ISO9002 / QS9000, ISO / TS 16949:2002 quality management system certification.

Equipment condition:

The factory has 8 automatic molding lines. It mainly includes: HWS static pressure molding line (beat 94 boxes / hour), GF high pressure molding line, disa2013 molding line and IMF self hardening sand molding line. The melting equipment includes 16 power frequency furnaces, 9 medium frequency furnaces and 20 induction furnaces including piler medium frequency furnace in the United States. It has about 40 sets of cold, hot and shell core machines such as Sutter and loramendi. It has 75 sets of testing equipment, including eddy current monitor, metallographic microscope and computer metallographic quantitative analysis system, magnetic particle flaw detector, three coordinate scriber, vacuum direct reading spectrometer, X-ray flaw detector, etc.