Numerical simulation of bidirectional coupling of temperature field and stress field in casting process

At present, FDM / FEM integration is widely used in the calculation system of temperature and stress field in casting process, and more attention is paid to the unidirectional calculation process from temperature field to stress field. In fact, the stress and temperature in the casting process are influenced by each other: the temperature distribution in the cooling process of the casting is not uniform, resulting in stress; The stress of the casting will affect the heat conduction process, and the deformation of the casting will also change the contact thermal resistance between the casting and the mold. A FDM / FEM integrated system is proposed to simulate the casting process considering the influence of temperature / stress / deformation. The influence of the deformation of the casting and mold on the contact thermal resistance is considered.

A thermo mechanical two-way coupling numerical simulation system for casting process was established, in which the interaction between temperature field and stress / deformation was considered. A calculation model of the thermal contact resistance of the casting / mold interface is proposed.

The temperature field and stress field of the stress frame specimen during the casting process were calculated and compared with the actual casting. The results show that the two-way coupling simulation method is more practical than the one-way coupling simulation method without considering the effect of casting / mold deformation on temperature.

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