O-type and V-type ball valve structure

O-ball valve structure:

The valve body of the o-ball valve is equipped with a ball with a middle through-hole, and a through-hole with the diameter equal to the pipe diameter is opened on the ball. When the ball is fully opened, it is an open valve with large capacity, and there is no direction for the fluid to enter the valve. The sphere can rotate in the sealing seat, and there is a ring-shaped elastomer on both sides of the pipeline direction to realize the sealing. By rotating the ball 90 °, the direction of the through hole can be changed, so as to realize the opening and closing of the ball valve.

V-ball valve structure:

The ball core of v-ball valve has a V-shaped structure. The valve core is a 1 / 4 ball shell with a V-shaped notch. With the rotation of the ball, the area of the opening changes, but the shape of the opening surface is always triangle, the flow characteristics are approximately equal percentage, and the adjustable ratio is large. The utility model has the characteristics of large circulation capacity, large adjustable range, shear force, tight closing, etc., and is especially suitable for the working condition of fluid material with fibrous shape. Generally, v-ball valves are single seal ball valves. Not suitable for two-way use.

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