Operation guide for wax repair in investment casting

Operation procedure:

Before wax repair, check the wax mould that has been cooled and has no defects in appearance. For the parts with high dimensional accuracy requirements, check the important dimensions and repair the mould after it is qualified.

Mold repair

(1) Remove the remaining flash or parting line on the wax mold, and carefully and gently scrape the flash or parting line along the wax mold with the blade edge, without damaging the wax mold. The small flash can also be directly wiped with cloth.

(2) Repair the concave part of wax mold. All bubbles on the wax mold must be broken and repaired with repair wax. The shape shall be correct after repair. The large, narrow and long recesses on the wax mould shall be repaired with repair wax, and the surface shall be flat after repair.

(3) For the important parts with high requirements, the flow mark shall be repaired, and the flow mark shall be gently wiped with a dishcloth with trichloroethylene (or gasoline) to remove the flow mark. Pay attention not to damage the wax mold itself.

(4) Use cotton yarn or a dishcloth with trichloroethylene (or gasoline) to gently wipe off the wax mould oil stain and the attached wax scraps, or use a compressed air nozzle to blow the wax scraps clean, and place them in the storage tray as required.

Ceramic core inlay: for some wax models inlaid with ceramic core, the ceramic core should be carefully slid into the hole of the melting (wax) mold, and the sharp angle on the ceramic core must be avoided to scratch the wax model.

Inspection after mold repair: check whether the wax mold is complete, deformed, with rough surface and qualified handwriting, etc.

After the work, clean the site and keep the workshop clean and tidy.


The mold shall be repaired as required without damaging the wax mold

The repaired wax mould shall be neatly stacked on the plate as required to prevent deformation.

The wax mould shall be repaired correctly to avoid waste repair and batch waste. Generally, the waste rate shall not exceed 3%.

No fireworks are allowed in the wax repair workshop. The wax can be melted with the aid of electric soldering iron. It is forbidden to use electric furnace or open fire to boil wax in the workshop to prevent accidents.

Fill in the operation sheet correctly, indicate the number of waste products and the number of finished products, and report the situation in time in case of waste products of the same batch reason.

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