Overall structure of shearer

MG1000/2500 WD shearer is selected as the research object. The shearer is composed of a cutting part, a traction part, a middle body, a crushing mechanism, a hydraulic system and a cooling system.

Its structure diagram is shown in the figure.

1 – Cutting roller; 2 – Crusher; 3 – Cutting rocker arm; 4 – Cutting motor; 5 – Traction box; 6 – Traction motor; 7 – Guide shoe; 8 – Supporting slippers; 9 – Pump motor; 10 – Solenoid valve box; 11 – Link board; 12 – Electric cabinet

As the traveling mechanism of the shearer, the traction part is mainly composed of traction motor, pump station motor, traveling box, sliding shoes, etc. to drive the shearer to run;

The cutting section is mainly used to cut and load coal, and is the main working mechanism of the shearer;

The middle part of the machine body contains the middle frame and control box of the shearer to complete the machine control function;

The crushing mechanism is located at one end of the shearer body, and its role is to use the drum to crush large coal;

The rocker arm, crusher and guard plate of the shearer are driven by the hydraulic system, which includes pump motor, hydraulic pump station and other parts;

The cooling system realizes cooling and dust reduction through spray and flushing, and consists of flow valve, pressure switch, cooling pump station, etc.