Performance of Sand Cast Clay Molding Sand

The performance of clay sand moulding is affected by many factors, including used sand component raw sand, effective bentonite, effective coal powder, water content, used sand temperature, ambient temperature, residual core sand content, etc.In actual casting production, the field conditions of production line are often complicated, and there are many factors affecting the quality of clay sand. Accurate determination of the components of used sand is the basis for controlling the properties of sand.

Linear production of large-scale moulding is characterized by large production volume and fast production rhythm, requiring fast determination of the composition of used sand and quick sand performance adjustment to meet the control requirements of casting process under the change of production environment and to obtain high-quality castings.Quick and accurate determination of components of used sand and properties of moulding sand is beneficial for on-site technicians to adjust the formulation of moulding sand in time, to ensure the quality of clay moulding sand, to effectively reduce the defect rate of casting, and to improve the production efficiency and economic benefit of the plant.

The composition and properties of moulding sand are closely related to the quality of casting, and the component of moulding sand is one of the most important factors affecting the properties of moulding sand.Aiming at the test indexes of new sand, old sand, bentonite, coal powder, water and performance compactness, permeability, wet compression strength, hot and wet tensile strength of moulding sand components, several automatic or intelligent test instruments have been developed at home and abroad, aiming at completing the test of moulding sand components and properties in a short time and adjusting the performance of moulding sand in time.

At present, most of the components and properties of moulding sand have corresponding quick testing instruments. However, the effective bentonite content in used sand, one of the important factors affecting the performance of moulding sand, still depends on manual measurement, and the testing process is complicated. The light blue halo ring on which the end judgment is based depends on naked judgment. The testing results vary from person to person with low precision, which greatly affects the timely adjustment of moulding sand performance of production line.

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