Practical application of high chromium cast iron ztap / HCCI composite grinding roller

The ztap / HCCI composite grinding roller was successfully prepared by splicing several preforms and fixing them at the corresponding position of the working face in the casting cavity of the grinding roller, and then pouring HCCI liquid. The roller was put into use in a domestic power plant. After 5000 hours of installation and service, the surface morphology is shown in Fig. 1.

There are no cracks and falling blocks on the surface of roller, which indicates that ztap / HCCI composite roller can bear the vibration generated by rolling coal stone during operation, and has good toughness. The results of three body wear test are consistent with the results of three body wear test. According to the field measurement, the wear loss of cylindrical zone and composite zone in the direction of roller radius is 8.2mm and 5.9mm respectively.

Figure 2 shows the worn surface morphology of HCCI grinding roller after being used and scrapped. The actual working time is about 10000h, the wear amount of grinding roller radius direction is 30 ~ 50mm, the working face is seriously worn and concave, and the wear area is wavy, which leads to the insufficient rolling of coal by HCCI roller in the later stage of use, resulting in the reduction of coal mill output. However, the ztap / HCCI composite roller can still keep the original shape after long-term use, maintain good grinding efficiency, ensure the stable operation of the coal mill, and the expected life can reach more than 2 times of HCCI roller.

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