Pretreatment of numerical simulation for die casting part of steering wheel

Establishment of 3D model and mesh generation

The 3D model of die casting is carried out by Pro / E modeling software, and then the numerical simulation of die casting process is carried out by FLOW-3D simulation software. The 3D model completed on Pro / E is exported by STL format, and then the solid model data is meshed in the automesh module of FLOW-3D. The grid size is set to 0.16cm, and the actual number of cells is 6161480. The finite element mesh model is shown in Fig. 1.

Process plan

The injection speed of liquid metal, mold temperature and pouring temperature are the main parameters affecting the die casting process

a) The injection speed of liquid metal is the speed of punch in die casting machine;

b) Mold temperature refers to the mold temperature before liquid metal filling, which is usually preheated;

c) The pouring temperature of liquid metal is the average temperature from the chamber of die casting machine to the mold. The orthogonal table was used to carry out the experiment of three factors and three levels.