Problems in casting furnace tube of horizontal centrifugal casting machine supported by roller

Furnace tubes are the key parts of cracking furnace, reformer and heating furnace in Shishan chemical plant. At present, centrifugal casting is the main method to produce industrial furnace tubes. However, there are some problems in the process of centrifugal casting of furnace tube, which are mainly caused by the mold vibration during the operation of the machine, which leads to the uneven wall thickness of furnace tube. Generally, the working temperature of the furnace tube is above 700 ° C, and in some cases, it can reach 1100 ° C. the working pressure of the inner wall is as high as 1.8MPa. The medium in the tube is usually oil or gas with strong corrosiveness. Its working conditions are very bad. The thickness + uniformity will lead to the partial bearing capacity of the furnace tube after corrosion and lead to premature failure Extending the service life of furnace tubes is an urgent problem in petrochemical industry and manufacturing industry.

A company is an enterprise engaged in the design, manufacture and installation of complete sets of industrial furnace equipment, alloy furnace tubes and finned tubes. One of its main products, industrial furnace tubes, is produced by centrifugal casting. The enterprise also faces the problem of mold vibration in the production process. At present, the centrifugal casting equipment used by the enterprise is the roller supported centrifugal casting machine designed and manufactured by itself. It is found that serious vibration occurs in the mold used in centrifugal casting, and the vibration becomes more and more severe with the increase of mold service time. The instability of mold rotation in the casting process can be directly observed by human eyes. In this case, the dimensional accuracy of the processed pipe can not meet the requirements (uneven wall thickness), which forces the enterprise to replace a new mold every once in a while, resulting in a substantial increase in production costs. Therefore, it is necessary to study the mold vibration in the process of centrifugal casting of furnace tube and clarify the influence of vibration on the quality of furnace tube.

Taking the horizontal centrifugal casting machine currently used by the enterprise as the research object, the dynamic performance and the influence of vibration on the final product quality are studied. The factors that may cause or aggravate the mold vibration are considered in the model, which provides theoretical support for the structural design and process optimization of the centrifugal casting machine.

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