Process parameter setting and operation mode of squeeze casting molding machine

The squeeze casting molding machine is equipped with manual and linkage working modes. A kind of working procedure is preset for linkage work, which is set by pressing the page on the touch screen of the control cabinet. Various working parameters are set by the corresponding page, and the commonly used operation buttons and selection switches are concentrated on the operation box. According to the process requirements, the control system can select flexible action procedures on the extrusion page, such as requiring the injection support to move left in place, closing the nozzle in place, inserting the pin in place, pressing back in place, etc. After the host is powered on, the control and monitoring interface will be displayed. Under normal circumstances, the machine is always in this page, and the monitoring page displays alarm information, action status, real-time pressure, real-time speed and production status.

Language can be selected, Chinese will be displayed by Chinese, English will be displayed by English. Press the main menu and the password dialog box will pop up. Enter the correct ID number in the ID column and the main menu page will pop up after entering the correct password in the password column.

In the main menu page, press the corresponding page to enter the page, and press the return button to return to the monitoring page. There are sub menu pages such as opening and closing mold, ejection, saving mold, time, lubrication, product, injection, diagnosis and extrusion, which can respectively set and adjust the specific process parameters of each function. The operation is very convenient, and the adjustment parameters can be accurate. For example, press the closing page to display the screen. In the closing page, the pressure and speed are set as the pressure and speed in the closing process. When the machine is controlled by single proportion, the speed does not need to be set. Slow closing speed refers to the pressure and speed from the beginning of closing to the opening buffer, i.e. from the proximity switch SQ1 to SQ2; fast closing speed refers to the pressure and speed from the opening buffer to the low-pressure mode locking, i.e. from the proximity switch SQ2 to SQ3; low closing pressure refers to the pressure and speed from the low-pressure mode locking to the high-pressure mode locking, i.e. from the proximity switch SQ3 to sq4; high closing pressure refers to the pressure and speed from the high-pressure mode locking to the mode locking stop, i.e. from the proximity switch sq4 to sq4 Pressure and speed between SQ5. The machine is not designed with fast and slow closing function. The opening / closing time is the process time from the start of closing to the stop of closing or from the start of opening to the stop of opening, and the timeout alarm is given. The low-voltage protection time is in the process of closing the mold. If the time between the proximity switch SQ3 and sq4 exceeds the time limit, an alarm will be given. The closing delay is when the closing button is pressed, the time will be counted to start closing. Other function pages are similar to setting and adjusting process parameters, which are no longer listed one by one.

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