Prospect of squeeze casting technology in China in the 21st century

In the 21st century, China’s squeeze casting technology will develop steadily and rapidly. Mainly reflected in the squeeze casting theory research will have a greater breakthrough and innovation, the application will continue to expand. In my opinion, the following work should be done well in theoretical research.

① To strengthen the research on the filling characteristics of indirect squeeze casting. Because the flow behavior of the liquid metal has a direct impact on the filling shape, filling time, pressure transfer and other aspects, it is very important to understand the flow state of the liquid metal in the cavity when determining the squeeze casting process plan, that is, the filling sequence in the cavity, the shape of the front end of the liquid metal flow strand, and the velocity distribution inside the liquid metal, It is related to the formability, porosity and possible position of shrinkage cavity.

② The basic theory and defect control of squeeze casting process are studied to improve the quality of castings and make them develop towards high performance, large scale and complexity.

③ Accelerate the standardization of squeeze casting die and the development of CAD / CAE / CAM software technology.

In the field of applied research, squeeze casting technology will be developed rapidly in the following industries.

① It will be widely used in automobile manufacturing industry. In order to reduce the weight of automobile, it is required that automobile castings should be lightweight, thin-walled, precise and strong. As a result, the iron castings of automobiles are constantly replaced by light aluminum castings. In order to improve the precision of blank, reduce the machining allowance, reduce the consumption of raw materials and reduce the cost, squeeze casting is used instead of common casting, low-pressure casting and partial forging. In addition, China’s automobile industry has changed from the era of medium-sized truck to the era of light car development. The main engine and parts participate in the international large cycle. Some developed countries in the world also buy various types of aluminum alloy parts from developing countries. Because our country is rich in labor resources, if we properly introduce and apply advanced manufacturing technology, improve product grade, save materials and energy, reduce production cost and improve productivity, we will have competitive advantages in product quality and product price. Based on the strong demand for high-quality casting products in domestic and foreign markets, the excellent conditions for the development of advanced squeeze casting technology have been formed, which indicates that there is a very broad market for the production of some important parts of automobiles and motorcycles with advanced squeeze casting technology.

② It is widely used in military products. With the development of national defense industry, the original products developed regardless of cost, for example, some parts may be forged and then machined. The production cycle is long, the material waste is large, and the cost is high. Now, in order to improve the productivity and reduce the cost, it is necessary to find more advanced technology to replace the original production process, which brings a good opportunity for squeeze casting. Because squeeze casting is suitable for producing parts with high performance and complicated shape.

③ It is widely used in semi-solid forming. With the maturity and development of semi-solid forming technology, squeeze casting technology will inevitably replace part of die casting and forging to produce semi-solid products.

④ It is widely used in composite casting. Squeeze casting is the most effective forming method for composite castings, especially for short fiber and particle metal matrix composite castings. In order to simplify the production process, reduce the cost, and adapt to the mass production conditions, in the past decade, a large number of researches have been made on the squeeze casting composite process at home and abroad. The principle of squeeze casting liquid metal filling and solidification under pressure has been used to enhance the filling ability of liquid metal to various cavities and gaps of solid materials, and it is in close contact with solid materials, Therefore, the mutual engagement and mechanical clamping effect can be increased. The pressure can also improve the wettability of the liquid metal to the solid material, and can rapidly increase the surface temperature of the solid material, thus increasing the possibility of its diffusion bonding. Therefore, squeeze casting is an ideal composite casting process.

With the rapid development of science and technology, new processes and technologies are emerging. The traditional manufacturing industry is facing serious challenges. As a combination of casting and forging, the advanced squeeze casting technology is also facing the requirement of integrating with more disciplines to achieve greater development, so that it can play its own advantages and occupy a place in the fierce market competition.