Quality requirements for nuclear power valve castings

In casting production, the word “quality” has two meanings. The first is the quality of the casting itself, that is, the degree to which the casting meets the user’s requirements in the use process; the second is the engineering quality, that is, the degree to which the technological process of producing the casting provides assurance for the product quality. They are different, but related. For example, the foundry enterprises with backward management technology and poor engineering quality can produce castings with good quality through meticulous work and spare no effort. For example, the foundry enterprises with good facilities and management do not have to strive for perfection when they manufacture castings with low requirements.

1.Quality of casting

The basis of casting quality evaluation is first to see whether it can meet the use conditions and the requirements of the designer for its structure and function, second is the economy. It is required to meet the quality requirements of the products with the lowest production cost. It is necessary to analyze each link of production with the view of value engineering, so as to maintain the competitiveness of the products for the casting enterprises.

2.Project quality

Engineering quality refers to the assurance degree of the management level and technical quality of the enterprise to the product quality requirements. The main factors are the quality of the employees, the level of technology, the control and management of raw materials for production, the status of equipment, the quality of process equipment and the quality assurance system of the enterprise.

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