Rapid casting core assembly modeling, pouring and cleaning of tractor small parts

After the sand core of sand mold is processed and formed, mold closing and pouring shall be carried out. The specific methods are as follows.

(1) Before closing the box, measure whether the size of the sand core of the sand mold meets the design requirements, further repair and chamfer, open the exhaust hole and place the cold iron as required.

(2) Conduct pre assembly and use dirt strip to detect the wall thickness. The wall thickness error of the casting is required to meet the drawing and process requirements. If the wall thickness meets the requirements, the sand mold (core) needs to be coated and dried before closing the box.

(3) After assembling the core box, cover it with a sand box, fill the back sand and solidify it. Raise the pouring riser as needed to complete the modeling.

(4) Alloy melting and pouring.

(5) After the casting is cooled, the casting shall be boxed and cleaned, the pouring riser shall be removed, polished, cleaned and shot blasted to obtain the blank. The blank can be delivered for use after being processed according to the drawing.

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