Rapid investment casting process based on SLS

With the continuous rise and popularization of 3D technology, China’s manufacturing industry has gradually achieved upgrading, especially in the mold processing and production, domestic automobile, aerospace and other industries, which has a huge market demand for the integrated manufacturing of new complex structural functional parts and rapid mold manufacturing. At present, due to the need of traditional sand mold technology for mold development, especially in the early stage of parts design and development, the long time of mold design and development has seriously hindered the experimental verification and production equipment of new equipment. According to the existing 3D rapid prototyping technology, in order to meet the diversified needs of the market. The rapid investment casting process not only shortens the development cycle of castings from several months to several days, but also greatly reduces the processing cost compared with traditional manufacturing.

The main process of rapid investment casting based on SLS is as follows: importing the layered CAD model into SLS rapid prototyping computer, manually supporting and cleaning the residual powder of the fired SLS prototype, and testing the SLS After post-treatment, design and adding gating system, through shell preparation, shell baking, alloy casting and other casting processes, the alloy castings meeting the requirements were manufactured. The research content mainly focuses on the application and promotion of rapid casting technology in the early stage of product development in aerospace, ship power, mold and other industries, such as the rapid manufacturing of single test parts, small batch test prototype, and mold required for early product development and test in aerospace and other fields. It can effectively shorten the R & D and manufacturing cycle of new products and reduce the cost of mold design in the early stage.

This paper mainly studies the size error transfer law in the process of rapid casting based on SLS, applies the size error transfer law to compensate the size of complex parts, and formulates the corresponding casting process, so as to shorten the preparation time of qualified wax mold, improve the size accuracy and surface quality of parts, and has important guiding significance for the subsequent production and processing of complex parts.