Research on fault detection of bucket teeth of mining excavator

Starting from the application background and application status of open-pit mining excavator, this paper discusses the importance of fault detection of bucket teeth, then briefly analyzes the fault of excavator bucket teeth, and summarizes the research status of related technologies in this field, including deep learning technology, target detection technology and image segmentation technology. The current research trend and future development direction are summarized.

Excavator bucket tooth detection system based on machine vision. The overall design of the detection system is carried out. According to the working conditions of the excavator, the overall design of the hardware system and software system of the visual detection platform is carried out, and a reasonable installation and implementation scheme is given. Finally, the data set used in this paper and the processing of the data set are introduced.

Bucket tooth target detection of Excavator Based on convolution neural network. Firstly, the design idea of excavator bucket tooth target detection is described. Secondly, the convolutional neural network is introduced. Then, the fast r-cnn target detection algorithm is introduced, and it is adjusted according to the excavator bucket tooth fault detection scene. Finally, the experiment shows that the target detection algorithm in this paper can meet the target detection scene of excavator bucket tooth.

Excavator bucket tooth fault detection based on image segmentation and feature matching. Firstly, the design idea of the excavator bucket tooth fault detection algorithm is introduced, and then the full convolution neural network is used to segment the excavator bucket tooth image. The segmented image is simply processed to obtain the contour image. The standardized Fourier descriptor combined with European distance is used to distinguish the end excavator bucket tooth from the middle excavator bucket tooth, and the positioning method of the fault excavator bucket tooth is provided, And the length calculation method of excavator bucket teeth.

Implementation and verification of bucket tooth detection system for excavator. According to the process of bucket tooth fault detection and bucket tooth fault detection of the excavator, the image counting function of the bucket tooth fault detection system of the excavator pty4 is designed, and the bucket tooth fault detection function of the excavator is realized.