Research Progress in Materials and Technology of Centrifugal Casting Composite Roll

Driven by the demand of metallurgy, machinery and other industries, the demand for composite roll materials with excellent performance is increasing, and centrifugal casting technology is an important direction to develop composite roll materials with excellent performance. In recent years, researchers have done a lot of work on the bonding mechanism, numerical simulation, interface reaction, microstructure and properties of centrifugal casting composites, such as functionally gradient composites, metal matrix ceramic composites and bimetallic composites. However, from the current development of composite rolls at home and abroad, there are still the following problems:

(1) Process. Although researchers have carried out extensive research on the control of centrifugal process, optimization of materials, and calculation and simulation of centrifugal process, in practical applications, domestic products still have problems of low life and low production efficiency compared with those of some developed countries. Therefore, we still need to innovate and improve on the existing basis.

(2) In terms of composite mechanism. As for the metal matrix ceramic composite roll, China has some experience in the ceramic preform reinforced metal matrix composite material, but it has encountered bottlenecks in the preparation of bulk preform and metal composite, and the bonding strength of the composite interface cannot reach the international advanced level, so it is still necessary to overcome this problem.

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