Research status of pressure casting chromium alloys

Pressure casting is an advanced near net shape casting process. The melt bears high pressure after pouring and filling until the casting is completely solidified. Compared with machining, pressure casting greatly reduces the production cost and has superior production efficiency. Pressure casting technology is often used to manufacture parts with higher specification requirements, more strict dimensional tolerance, and higher quality surface finish, as well as structural parts with high strength and toughness.

The properties of pressure casting alloy depend on its microstructure, which is closely related to the nucleation and growth of grains during solidification. In addition, solidification of metal under pressure can change the phase distribution, composition uniformity and obtain non-equilibrium microstructure. The pressure range of existing research is mostly in the order of GPA. Under such pressure, the solid solubility of alloy elements, solid-liquid interface characteristics, nucleation and formation of new phase and solidification structure will change significantly.

However, the reason why too high pressure is seldom used in actual production is that the pressure equipment is highly required, so the existing production die-casting equipment is mostly concentrated in the level of MPa. It is worthy of further study whether it can affect the solidification structure and phase composition of Cr Based Alloy under the pressure casting condition of MPA order.

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