Riser design of ductile iron castings

The layout method of horizontal placement of cylinder barrel is adopted. The riser can be placed directly above the ductile iron castings, which is more conducive to feeding and can better ensure the internal quality of the ductile iron castings. Each ductile iron castings only need to be designed with one riser for feeding.

The module of ductile cast iron is M=V/S=5.27 mm; The modulus of hot spot of ductile cast iron is M hot spot=5.9 mm; Set the riser module as M riser=1.3M hot spot=7.67 mm.

Due to space constraints, the diameter of the riser should not be too large. The size of the riser should be set reasonably. After calculation, a spherical riser with a diameter of 58 mm should be selected. In order to increase the feeding effect, the middle of the riser is thickened by 15 mm, and the final riser modulus M riser=8.6 mm, which can meet the feeding needs. The location and size of the riser are shown in the figure. To ensure the feeding effect, the hot riser is used to enhance the feeding effect.