Sand mold casting technology of tractor axle housing

A certain type of broken axle housing of a company is mainly used for tractor load-bearing bridge, with an annual output of 10000 sets. The service conditions of the axle housing include plateau, saline alkali, desert and other terrain and latitude. Under full load condition, it must bear high impact load, so the quality of the axle housing must be extremely high. Therefore, it has higher requirements for its process design, production and manufacturing process.

According to statistics, shrinkage porosity and shrinkage cavity defects appear many times in the casting process of the axle housing, and the shrinkage cavity incidence rate is as high as 70%, which causes oil leakage and oil leakage of the axle housing shell in the use process, which brings economic loss of more than 1 million yuan to the company every year.

ProCAST is proposed to solve the problem of shrinkage and porosity in castings The finite element analysis software, combined with the actual production, uses the pouring specific speed method to design the closed, semi closed and open gating systems with three different cross-sectional area ratios. By analyzing the flow field and temperature field changes of molten metal in the filling and solidification process, combined with the pouring sequence solidification and simultaneous solidification theory, the purpose of this paper is to analyze the mold filling of casting axle housing by using the casting simulation analysis method In the process of development and change of flow field and temperature field, the secondary optimization design of gating system and process parameters is carried out, and the defects are predicted, which provides theoretical and technical support for solving the practical difficulties in the production process of the company, and a set of process optimization scheme is formulated. Therefore, the casting quality of the axle housing is improved fundamentally, which has practical significance and popularization value.

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