Selection of cutting method of pouring and riser in investment casting sand casting of stainless steel impeller

Due to the low plasticity and work hardening of investment casting sand casting stainless steel impeller, it is difficult to cut stainless steel by common cutting technology. At present, the common cutting methods of stainless steel include plasma arc cutting and oxyacetylene flame vibration gas cutting. Although plasma arc has obvious advantages in cutting stainless steel with small size, it is more difficult to cut when the thickness is large. Therefore, according to the experimental equipment and convenient operation, the vibration gas cutting process is finally selected for the cutting of the pouring and riser of stainless steel investment casting sand casting.

The characteristic of stainless steel vibration gas cutting is to make the cutting torch vibrate in the process of gas cutting, so as to break through the refractory oxide film at the incision and achieve the purpose of gradually separating and cutting metal. This process adopts ordinary cutting torch and allows the cutting torch to vibrate back and forth and up and down in a certain range in the process of gas cutting to complete the cutting. Vibration gas cutting is shown in the figure.