Selection of parting surface for casting parts

Parting surface refers to the surface on which two half molds contact each other. In addition to the solid casting method, the parting surface should be selected. Sometimes it’s a plane, sometimes it’s a surface.

1.As far as possible, all or most of the castings should be placed in the same half of the mold

There are always some dislocations in the two half castings, which affect the dimensional accuracy of the castings.

2.The number of parting surfaces should be minimized

This refers to manual multi box modeling.

3.Easy to lower core, close box and check cavity size

Therefore, the main sand core should be placed in the lower half of the sand box as far as possible.

4.Attention should be paid to reduce the workload of sand falling, cleaning and machining

The flash and drape of parting surface shall be minimized.

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