Semi solid slurry preparation device for rheo squeeze casting of aluminum alloy

The key of semi-solid processing technology is to form fine semi-solid spherulites with high degree of equiaxed spherulites by certain process methods, and the key to obtain equiaxed spherulites is the design and development of slurry preparation device and the accurate control of its process parameters. Rheological forming of semi-solid alloy is a process that the prepared semi-solid alloy melt is directly formed at the same temperature. It has the characteristics of short process, low cost, energy saving and high efficiency. It is one of the research directions of semi-solid processing technology. The semi-solid slurry preparation device for rheological forming must have the following characteristics:

① High quality semi-solid slurry with high proportion of primary phase spherulization, fine grains and uniform distribution can be prepared. The process is simple and has the ability of continuous preparation;

② The pulping process can be well connected with the forming equipment, which can be directly formed and the production is smooth;

③ The process parameters of rheo forming are easy to control and have high stability.

Through continuous experiments and improvements, the laboratory has formed a low superheat pouring with a shear field with independent intellectual property rights, Lspsf (lspsf) semi-solid pulping process, which has a good inhibition effect on the nucleation and growth of primary phase. When the alloy melt passes through the rotating tube, it is stirred, mixed and dissipated heat to achieve the effect of breaking dendrite and forming high-quality semi-solid slurry.

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