Setting of Simulation Parameters for Steel Casting Simulation Technology

Firstly, the 3D modeling software Creo2. 0 is used to model the steel casting process, and then the ProCAST software is used to simulate the process. By meshing the 3D solid casting process model, as shown in the figure, the non important part of the grid size riser is set to 28 mm, and the other important parts are set to 6 mm. The number of surface grids is 156 286, and the number of volume grids is 627 892.

Parameter NameActual parameter settings
Material ScienceCasting: cast steel 30Mn
Mold: high-quality quartz sand
Interfacial heat transfer coefficienth=500 W/(m^2·K)
Boundary conditionsPouring speed: 12 kg/s
Cooling method: air cooling
Initial conditionsPouring temperature: 1570 ℃
Initial mold temperature: 25 ℃
Pouring methodSand gravity casting
Gravity direction-Y direction
Operation timeFilling flow: 25 s
Stop condition900 ℃

The steel casting of the steering knuckle is made of ZG30Mn and the molding material is high-quality quartz sand. The pre processing module of ProCAST is used to set simulation parameters such as boundary conditions, material properties, pouring conditions, and so on for the finite element three-dimensional model, as shown in the table.

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