Simulation results and analysis of temperature field of molten metal in sand casting axle housing

The numerical simulation of temperature field is the basis of ProCAST software simulation, and also the core module. Through the simulation of temperature field, the temperature change in the cooling process of the axle housing is analyzed, so as to realize the visualization of the solidification and cooling process of the axle housing, and then analyze the location of shrinkage cavity and porosity.

In the solidification process of liquid metal, when the temperature of the solidified metal is below the solid temperature line, the solid-liquid phase transition will not occur any more. In order to facilitate the analysis and intuitive resolution of the metal solidification process, the part of the axle housing below the solid temperature is set to be invisible, that is, the transparent part, showing the molten metal at different temperatures that have not been solidified.

From the temperature field of the three schemes, it can be seen that there is an isolated liquid phase region in the later stage of solidification, and the isolated liquid phase region can not get the effective liquid feeding in the solidification process, which is easy to produce shrinkage defects.

It can be seen that at the same solidification time, the isolated liquid zone of scheme 2 is the largest, and the tendency to produce defects is more obvious, which proves that there are obvious defects in the design scheme, which need to be eliminated first.

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