Some Brief Introduction on Aluminium Casting

Aluminium casting is a kind working process, namely pouring molten aluminium into a mold and obtaining a requested aluminium part by cooling treatments. What we get by the process is called as aluminium castings.

aluminium castingIn the process of aluminium casting, they easily appear inner porosities, shrinkage cavities, blowholes and other defects. These compact layers on the defects would be eliminated so that its inner structure defects are fully exposed once being machined. As for those aluminium castings in the automotive field, need to be sealed well, like cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, induction manifolds, brake valves and other parts, these defects will cause sealing media spilt, what is worse, a great deal of scraps. Furthermore, these issues will be discovered until the completion of the machining. Therefore, these defects generally cause great loss in working hours, raw materials and resources. In order to solve these problems and reduce scrap rates of aluminium castings, some necessary measures shall be carried out. Recently, the commonly-used skill is impregnation process aiming to fill the gaps. Aluminium castings have low cost, excellent processing properties and renewable characteristics. Therefore, applications of aluminium castings can be seen in many fields and continue to survive till now,

By the process of aluminium casting, light alloys can be created well, which will have advantages of low density, high strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance and many other ones.

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