Structure and characteristics of bellows gate valve

The valve rod of bellows gate valve adopts double sealing structure of bellows and packing to ensure no leakage sealing at the valve rod. It is applied to power station, natural gas, ammonia, vacuum, refrigeration system, hot oil and hot water system, especially for the pipeline with inflammable, explosive, toxic and precious medium.

Bellows gate valve structure:

The bellows, bonnet and stem of the bellows gate valve are welded into one without seam, so there is no leakage. The action of the stem is caused by the deformation of the compression bellows, not by the relative movement. Ordinary gate valves are sealed with packing. The valve stem and packing will slide. They are easy to leak (valve core) at low temperature. There is no such problem for bellows gate valves.

The bellows gate valve uses stainless steel sealed bellows which can be stretched and compressed to replace the packing seal. It is generally used for the transmission of medium with strong permeability, such as the valve on the hydrogen system, as long as the bellows is not damaged, there is generally no leakage; while the general gate valve uses packing to seal, which is prone to leakage.

Features of bellows gate valve:

1: Corrugated gate valve is double sealed, corrugated pipe (stainless steel) + packing, with better safety performance, so it is often used in toxic media, flammable and explosive media, high temperature steam, hot oil and other systems.

2: Switch torque is small, switch is relatively easy, no loss of flow resistance, long service life, beautiful appearance, etc.

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