Study on crankshaft shell casting

Since the development and popularization of the process of producing crankshaft with iron film coated sand in the 1970s, due to the high tooling cost, poor casting repetition accuracy and short die service life, SAIC introduced the second-hand shell mold casting production line of crankshaft in the late 1980s, China has continuously conducted in-depth and systematic research on the thermal shell mold coated sand and production process in the crankshaft shell mold casting production line in line with national conditions, In order to produce high-quality cast crankshaft. With the continuous improvement of the raw and auxiliary materials of domestic commercialized thermal shell mold coated sand, the strength of the shell mold at high temperature is solved, and the casting defects such as size, shrinkage porosity and shrinkage cavity caused by shell deformation are avoided; The improvement of crankshaft production process solves the casting defects of internal shrinkage porosity and shrinkage cavity caused by graphitization expansion in the solidification process of nodular iron on the premise of maintaining a high yield of molten iron; The development of special crankshaft mold production equipment has created conditions for mass production of shell coated sand crankshaft. Therefore, the research on the key technology and equipment in the production of crankshaft shell mold and in line with the national conditions has a certain practical significance for the popularization and application of crankshaft shell mold casting.

The melting, molding, shell (core) making and pouring process and equipment of iron shot shell crankshaft of S1100 diesel engine produced by domestic equipment and materials are experimentally studied. This paper focuses on the selection of chemical composition of nodular iron crankshaft of S1100 diesel engine, feeding mechanism, mold (especially pouring and riser system) design, casting blank design, shell (core) design and iron shot filling molding, so as to achieve the purpose of application and popularization of iron shot shell molding process in production.