Study on improving properties of gray cast iron

At present, in order to make gray cast iron achieve high strength, excellent casting performance and processability, casting engineers at home and abroad have carried out a lot of research and development work and made some progress. It is found that excellent inoculant and alloying can improve the uniformity of microstructure and improve the machinability of materials. However, in recent years, with the soaring price of copper, the pressure of cost increase has become an insurmountable gap in front of manufacturers. If the amount of Cu can be reduced or cancelled by adding other alloy elements and improving inoculants, it will bring huge economic and technological benefits.

Based on the above research background, the following work is mainly carried out:

  1. Establish the processing performance evaluation system of gray cast iron and design the processing performance testing equipment for laboratory;
  2. Using the stress-strain measurement system combined with tool wear, the problem of cutting force measurement in gray cast iron turning in the laboratory is experimentally studied and analyzed;
  3. Study the effects of alloy elements and impurity elements (mainly alloy elements Cu, Cr and impurity Ti) on the machinability of gray cast iron;
  4. Comparative study on mechanical properties and machinability of gray cast iron treated with multi alloy additives and copper alloying;
  5. Study the effect of inoculation treatment with different inoculants on the machinability of gray cast iron.