Study on production and application of large steel castings

In industrial development, metallurgical related equipment and material manufacturing is the basic link of industrial development, and large steel castings are the top priority of equipment and material manufacturing, which is also the main reason why all industrial developed countries in the world attach importance to and develop the capacity and technology of large steel castings.

Modern industrial production has been combined with electromechanical equipment such as relays and computers. The process flow based on computer technology has also been established for the production of large steel castings, which generally adopts computer simulation + auxiliary production + process control production and processing program. With the change of development concept and the depletion of production resources, modern industrial production must change from the rough production mode of resource concentration to the intensive production mode of technology concentration, so as to realize the rational utilization of resources.

Large castings are important parts of contemporary industrial production, especially in the fields of nuclear power and military industry. The production and processing efficiency and quality of large castings directly constitute the bottleneck of technological breakthrough and productivity improvement in the industry. With the continuous innovation and breakthrough of advanced manufacturing technologies such as computer and numerical control, the manufacturing industry of large castings has also developed, which provides new possibilities for the sustainable development of China’s industry.

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