Study on tool Wear of PCBN Cutter in Milling vermicular Graphite cast Iron

Many studies have shown that the tool life of cutting vermicular graphite cast iron is 1/10 of that of cutting gray cast iron under the same conditions, so tool wear is an important index to evaluate cutting vermicular graphite cast iron. With the progress of cutting, the degree of tool wear is increasing, the cutting force is increased, the machined surface quality is decreased, and the tool wear is fast, which will increase the cost, so the study of tool wear can improve the tool life to the maximum extent.

According to the national standard GB/T 16461mi 1996, the tool failure can be determined when the average wear width of the flank reaches VB=0.3mm, and the tool failure can be determined when the maximum depth of the crescent depression on the flank KT reaches the value determined by the formula. PCBN cutters often have crescent depression wear. During the experiment, the maximum depth of crescent depression was observed by laser microscope and the flank wear was measured by Dino-Lite handheld microscope until it reached the blunt standard.

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