Temperature dependence of transient elastic modulus of centrifugal casting furnace tube during solidification and mold vibration

After the molten steel is poured into the mold, there will be heat exchange with the mold. After a period of time, the molten steel will gradually cool down. Because the mold absorbs the heat transferred from the molten steel, its temperature will gradually increase. The increase of mold temperature will change its elastic modulus, which will affect the vibration performance. Therefore, the influence of temperature change on the elastic modulus needs to be considered. The theoretical calculation formula of elastic modulus of carbon steel at different temperatures is given

Where, t is the thermodynamic temperature of steel, E0 is the elastic modulus at t = 0, α 0 is the linear expansion coefficient at t = 0, and B is a coefficient in the derivation process, with the value between 0.0004357-0.001345.

According to the formula, the elastic modulus of steel at different temperatures can be obtained, as shown in the figure.

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