The Applications of Nodular iron

In the early phase of manufacturing nodular iron, they’re mostly applied in manufacturing those small parts and maintenance parts with less force requirements due to immature working processes and unstable quality. However, the family has achieved great progress.

nodular iron (1)1. Automobile Manufacture

Automobile parts, including crankshafts made from as-cast pearlite nodular iron and automobile chassis made from as-cast ferrite nodular iron, have been put into mass production in many well-known automobile factories respectively. It marks that the manufacture of as-cast nodular iron has reached a high level in our country. Meanwhile, it also means the skill level of manufacturing automotive castings by a number of production lines is narrowing the gap with the international advanced level.

2. Metallurgical Industry

The test studies the metallurgical factors in large-section (wall thickness>120mm) nodular iron and corresponding production and technological measures. By adopting moderate Y base heavy rare earth compound nodulizers, nodular iron will be treated with forced cooling, progressive solidification and delayed inoculation. If necessary, tiny Sb, Bi and other compositions shall be added into the center part of nodular iron for preventing distortion and looseness in graphite structure. Till now, we have produced 38-ton heavy, large and complicated structural parts, 17.5-ton diesel engine bodies and spheroidal graphite rolls and etc..

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