The clutch trouble of large wheeled tractor and its solution

Wheel tractor chassis fault usually has a more complex cause. If the manipulator can not identify the fault in time and solve it, it will greatly affect the progress of agricultural production. Generally speaking, the faults of tractor chassis are mostly caused by the faults of brake, transmission, clutch, gearbox and other parts. The tractor hand should check these parts when encountering faults. Based on this, according to many years of basic work experience, the common faults and solutions of tractor chassis are described.

1) Clutch slipping or heating. The clearance of the release lever is too small, the friction plate is excessively fed with oil or worn, the clutch spring is damaged or weakened, and the driven plate is worn unevenly, which will cause the clutch to slip or heat up. The corresponding solutions are: readjust according to the instructions, wipe or replace the friction plate, replace the clutch spring, repair or replace the driven wheel, etc. [2].

2) It is difficult to shift the clutch. The causes of the difficulty in engaging the clutch usually include insufficient pedal travel, excessive error of the release lever, rupture of the friction plate, failure of the driven plate or the driven plate, etc.; the corresponding solutions are: adjust the clutch position according to the original manufacturer’s instructions, replace the new friction plate, replace the new driven plate or the driven plate, etc.

3) There is noise during operation. The main causes of the noise are: the spring of the release lever is damaged, the release bearing is damaged, and the spline is seriously worn, etc.; the corresponding elimination method is: directly replace the new spring, release bearing or spline when it is impossible to repair.

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