The cooperation of iron and steel foundry industry

The code recognizes that requires effective safety and health system joint commitment between the authorities, employers, competent workers and their representatives. Should the parties to cooperate constructively to ensure that the objectives of this code of practice to achieve.

Measures should be adopted on cooperation related to the elimination or control of hazards or risks to safety and health from the production of iron and steel. Should the following measures include:

(i) employers, with their responsibilities, should cooperate as closely as possible with workers and / or their representatives;

(ii) workers should cooperate as closely as possible with their fellow workers and their employers in the discharge by the employers of their responsibilities, and should comply with the procedures and practices prescribed;

(iii) suppliers should provide employers with all necessary information as is available and required for the evaluation of any unusual hazards and risks to safety and health that might result from a hazardous factor unique in iron and steel production.

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