The equipment level supports the improvement of casting quality

① Upgrading of molten steel smelting equipment. Open hearth steelmaking was eliminated in the metallurgical industry four years ago, and the machinery industry will completely eliminate open hearth steelmaking in 2005. It will be replaced by high-capacity, high-power, ultra-high-power electric arc furnace, ladle refining furnace and VD / VOD furnace (small capacity electric arc furnaces have also carried out technical transformation to realize the automation of control system). Realize the double melting of “electric arc furnace + ladle refining furnace” or the triple melting of “electric arc furnace + ladle refining furnace + VD furnace” to improve the quality of molten steel and meet the demand of high-quality castings and forgings for molten steel.

② Modernization of furnace front analysis equipment. Spectrum direct reading analyzer, carbon sulfur joint tester, [n) (0) gas joint tester and constant (H) tester realize the purpose of “fast, accurate, high quality and high efficiency” to serve steelmaking production.

③ The of heat treatment equipment has also developed rapidly, and the equipment performance and its technical and economic indicators have reached or approached the international advanced level. Its furnace temperature uniformity (5 ℃), thermal efficiency (> 30%), ease of operation (after the process curve is input into the computer, the whole heat treatment process from ignition to shutdown runs automatically according to the process curve without manual intervention), and safety (multiple alarm devices can realize sound and light alarm. For example, gas pressure overrun, combustion pressure overload, excessive temperature of smoke cutting, over pressure of furnace pressure, over temperature of furnace temperature, etc.) and advanced control system (automatic control system and PCL manual control) are all impossible for traditional heat treatment furnace to compare.

A group of photos during the operation of a large computer-controlled heat treatment furnace (effective heating zone size: width x length x height = 8.5mxl2.0m x 4.0m).

The maximum temperature difference between the temperature display of 10 temperature control points in the effective heating zone and the standard value of the process setting temperature of 890 ± 10 ℃ is + 3 ℃, which can well meet the requirements of the heat treatment process and provide good hardware conditions for improving the casting structure and ensuring the mechanical properties.

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