The Introduce of Manganese Steel Casting

manganese steel castingManganese steel casting will be work hardening under the strong impact or extrusion of gravity. The surface hardness will be about 450 HB to 550 HB. But the internal parts of steel casting remains austenitic organization characteristics of good toughness, making the manganese steel casting possess good abrasion resistance and excellent characteristics of good toughness. The manganese steel casting are still widely used in the industries of metallurgy, mining machinery, crawler tractors and other important mechanical equipment production.

Crack scraps of manganese steel casting often accounts for the first place in the defective products, usually more than 50% in the casting process. Bearing high impact load for steel castings often causes non-normal failure which reduces the service life of products. So the research for the reasons of steel casting cracks and the effective preventive measures have become an important topic for the foundry worker.

The mechanism of manganese steel casting cracks are complicated and there are many influential factors. Especially those various factors interact with each other which increases difficulties to decrease the cracks. But as long as the whole process from casting design to process design follow producing principles and strictly implemented the production process, Manganese steel casting crack will be certainly under control.

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