The Metal Casting Process

Metal casting is a process of metal melt into certain required liquid and poured into the mold, after cooling and freezing, getting metal casting with predetermined shape, size and property.

Metal casting process usually includes:

a. Prepare casting mould. It refers to containers which can turn liquid metal into solid metal casting. According to the materials, casting mouldcan be divided into sand mold, metal mold, ceramic mold, mud mold,graphite mold etc. By number of use, it can be divided into the disposable,the semi permanent and the permanent type. The quality of mold preparation is the main factor influencing the quality of metal casting.

b. Melt and pour casting metals. 吨 mainly include cast iron, cast steel and nonferrous alloy casting metals. Casting embryo because ofalmost forming achieves free machining or a small amount of processing to reduce the cost and decrease time in certain degree.

c. Dispose and inspect metal casting. Dispose of metal castings include removal of core, the casting surface, poured riser, shovel grinding burrs and phi seam protruding content and heat treatment, shaping, anti rust and rough machining and so on. Metal casting has become one of the basic technology of modern machinery manufacturing industry.

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